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    "The reason we have remained as a customer of DSC is that they are willing to go the extra mile to resolve issues which other suppliers do not seem to do." Nick Farley, Pattonair

  • Dell Financial Services

    Dell Financial Services facilitates customer financing of products and services sold by Dell and its partners.  Dell Financial Services focuses on delivering value at every step of the customer experience.  Dell in partnership with DSC can offer an end to end streamlined financing process.  (more…)

    Deploy to Desk

    Deploying hardware to the desk can be a very time-consuming task and a strain on your IT department’s resources.

    DSC have completed many successful projects from a 1 user deployment to a 3000 user deployment.  Each project is handheld from the initial scoping to the final deployment and maintenance, we handle the whole process for you.

    DSC are involved in every step of the way from initial procurement and configuration to physically placing the hardware on desks and removing the packaging.

    DSC Imaging Services

    Ensuring a consistent software build throughout an organisation is one of the most time-consuming and expensive tasks facing an IT department. Challenges include not only managing multiple client images for a range of hardware and functional groups but also licensing and compliance requirements.

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    A fast, easy way to image new systems



    DSC imaging options

    The Basic Option

    Store & Deploy – A fully working image (this does not have to be joined to a domain) supplied by the customer, captured by DSC’s imaging system & deployed to compatible hardware.  There is no intervention by DSC apart from ensuring that all device drivers are installed, subject to DSC being supplied with a local administrator account.  DSC can within reason deploy an image to the majority of systems manufactured by Dell, Lenovo and HP, no matter what system the image is originally captured from.

    The Advanced Option

    (Additional charges for Internet Connection & Firewall may apply)

    Join to Domain – DSC would require the relevant VPN access to do this.

    Install additional applications – Installation of applications which can be done once the system has been named to the correct naming convention and joined to the domain, i.e Antivirus, SCCM, LANDesk, remote connection applications, online backup clients, etc.  (All installation media, required licences and appropriate instructions to be supplied by the customer).

    Multiple Business Unit Builds – i.e base image plus specific applications installed for separate business units, i.e Accounts, Sales, HR, Engineering etc.

    Hard drive encryption – this ensures that the system is fully encrypted before leaving DSC’s premises and deployed to the end user.  Relevant VPN access required plus access to relevant encryption management portal.

    Additional Options

    Asset tagging – attach the customer’s asset tag to the system and add details to BIOS if required (if supported by the BIOS)

    BIOS updates – update to the latest manufacturer’s version or version specified by the customer

    BIOS configuration – set BIOS passwords, enable Computrace, enable Secure Boot, enable TPM Security.

    Systems information reporting – DSC can provide reports in a CSV or text format detailing each supplied imaged system’s computer name, MAC address, CPU, RAM and HDD information.

    Windows updates – DSC can run Windows updates on systems to ensure that they are patched with the latest security updates before being shipped to site.  If DSC have VPN access to customer’s network then updates will be managed by their WSUS server, otherwise updates will be downloaded from the Windows update site.

    Image Maintenance – Quarterly scheduled maintenance to the image to include 1 image change per quarter (updated image to be supplied by the customer) and hardware driver updates.


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    Asset and Security Tagging

    It is important for any company to keep track of all IT hardware and ensure it is tagged for security purposes.

    DSC can offer bespoke Asset labels that can include your company logo. These labels will be affixed to all hardware before delivery and an asset report sent to you on a regular basis.

    Asset Disposal and Recycling

    In July 2007 the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) became law in the UK. The directive means that you are legally obliged to dispose of your electrical waste in a manner that minimises the impact on the environment.

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    At DSC we offer a range of services for secure and WEEE compliant disposal of your redundant IT hardware including:

    • Secure Data Eradication
    • WEEE Compliant Disposal
    • Realisation of Residual Asset Value
    • Refurbishment and upgrading for redeployment
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    Computer Room Design and Installations

    DSC offer a complete end-to-end design and build service for your Data Centre, Server Room or Comms Room.  Our service encompasses all elements including power, cooling, cabling and security.

    Structured Cabling

    Structured cabling forms the backbone of all your organisations IT enabled communications and processes.  High performance and reliability are paramount to maintaining an efficient and cost effective organisation.

    DSC offers a complete structured cabling solution from initial design and implementation to existing infrastructure health checks.


    DSC understands that effective and efficient IT support is paramount to the smooth running of our business.

    We offer a range of services and solutions designed to support you and your business. Offering unrivalled service, DSC provides the highest level of maintenance, hardware and systems support to address your ongoing IT requirements and business needs.

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    Fixed Maintenance Agreement

    Taking the traditional fixed contract approach, one step further; each item is covered on an annual basis at an agreed level for a fixed cost.

    Our guaranteed loan facility ensures that if a repair cannot be completed within a specified time, then a replacement will be installed. This approach is preferred by clients who require a guaranteed service.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduced disruption
    • Minimum downtime
    • Immediate skilled advice – at an annually agreed price
    • Peace of mind

    Managed Resource Maintenance

    Managed Resource Maintenance offering, or Work Unit Voucher Scheme, allows clients to choose exact service and expenditure levels. A fixed contract on critical equipment can be combined with pre-purchased vouchers, which can cover PCs and peripherals as and when needed. This approach suits those clients whose equipment schedule is difficult to manage and those who need support on an irregular basis.

    Benefits include:

    • No specific equipment schedules
    • Covers every eventuality
    • Fully automated
    • No administration

    On Site Engineering Services

    On Site Engineering offering, provides an all embracing support to those clients with sites with large numbers of machines and critical response-to-fix times.

    Benefits include:

    • Full-time, highly trained engineers
    • Extension of internal IT team
    • None of the associated complications of permanent members of staff
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