Asset Tagging & Imaging Services

Streamlined asset management and reporting

Managing your IT hardware assets


We recognise the significance of efficiently managing your IT hardware assets. To address this crucial need, we proudly present our specialised asset tagging service, tailored to suit your unique requirements.


Our asset tagging service goes beyond traditional labelling. We offer fully bespoke asset labels that can incorporate your company logo, adding a personalised touch to your hardware inventory. These high-quality labels are affixed to each piece of hardware before delivery, ensuring seamless tracking and identification throughout their lifecycle. 

Imaging Service


We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of imaging services tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Our ‘store & deploy’ option offers a straightforward solution, where we capture the desired setup from a source device and efficiently deploy it to future devices. This streamlined process ensures consistency and saves valuable time during device setup. 

For a more customised approach, we offer scripted installations. With this service, we freshly install the operating system on your devices, and write post-install scripts to take care of software installations and configurations. This ensures that your devices are ready to use with all the necessary applications and settings in place. 

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