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We take pride in being the only platinum partner with AppCheck in the UK, offering unlimited penetration testing capabilities. Our track record includes assisting numerous schools, trusts, colleges, and private businesses in fulfilling their penetration testing requirements using the cutting-edge capabilities of AppCheck.
Whether you’re exploring penetration testing options or delving into it for the first time, we are confident we can help. Get in touch with us using the “Book A Call” box below, and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your penetration testing plans.

AppCheck Features

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    • Run tests when YOU want to across all of your internal and external IPs

    • Cover 100,000+ known vulnerabilities including zero day threats

    • Demonstrate to auditors and Cyber Essentials that you are performing regular tests

    • Manage and distribute discovered vulnerabilities using AppCheck’s built in work flow system

    • Automate the discovery of vulnerabilities by setting monthly tests, and produce instant reports

    • Track vulnerabilities, spot trends and instantly see which areas of your environment are most at risk

    Trusted by hundreds of brands worldwide

    “The detailed advice around each service, and the fact it integrates with our ticketing systems, has been a massive timesaver. The system itself is quite clean and easy to use, which sounds simple, but has been a major factor in embedding the tool into day-to-day business operations.”

    University of Derby

    Continuous Vulnerability Discovery

    Scalable Solutions

    Discover new vulnerabilities as they arise with year-round 24/7 scanning capabilities. Why wait for annual reports when you can continuously scan your web applications to catch new vulnerabilities as soon as they are introduced. AppCheck emulates the process of a manual penetration with the frequency of an automated tool to discover zero days, OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, and 100,000+ known security flaws. AppCheck allows you to scan for vulnerabilities at scale with the click of a button. Discover the latest security flaws like a team ten times the size. Whether you are scanning 1 or 1,000 web applications, AppCheck has a solution to fit your needs. Each licence offers unlimited scans and unlimited users so you can share findings across all teams and scale as you grow.

    Complete Vulnerability Management

    Advanced Configuration

    All vulnerabilities are tracked and managed through the vulnerability management platform, giving you a complete system overview to show you what the outside world sees. With just a click you can produce professional penetration testing style reports which include a detailed technical narrative and remediation steps for all findings. AppCheck provides the full picture. Whether you just want to run a quick scan or are a power user who needs ultimate control, AppCheck allows complete flexibility. Scans can be run in a few clicks using profiles built by our security experts or built from scratch using the profile editor.

    Cover Internal and External Estate

    Scan in Production

    AppCheck provides a comprehensive vulnerability scanning platform that is designed to cover and test each layer of an organisation’s key IT systems for vulnerabilities, in one seamless and intuitive solution. Catch vulnerabilities early to avoid costly mistakes. Continuous assurance from automated scanning repeated as often as every code deploy. Quicker fixes take the strain off your team and shorten the attack window.

    “When we compared AppCheck against a team of manual penetration testers, AppCheck identified all of the same vulnerabilities, plus an additional three critical vulnerabilities and did so in under half the time.”

    ESP Group

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