This case study illustrates our successful and long-standing partnership with Pattonair. By understanding their unique IT requirements and business operations, we consistently deliver effective and tailored IT solutions. From implementing Dell Compellent SAN and resolving VMWare subscription issues to introducing new technologies and negotiating custom terms, we have proven our expertise in various areas of IT infrastructure. Pattonair’s continued trust and satisfaction with our services exemplify the value and reliability of our partnership

Company: Pattonair

The Challenge

With only 2 servers to run all of our virtual environment, keeping these hosts running with all the recommended patches introduced over the lifespan of VMware meant having to take half of the virtual environment offline to remediate each of the 2 hosts as they were incapable of running all of the servers used by the business on a single host due to CPU and memory limitations.

The old infrastructure was becoming more and more unreliable with failures happening on a more regular basis and any maintenance had to be done out of normal working hours. This had a huge time implication.

The Solution

Working with DSC (Data Systems Computers) we determined the best solution to enable growth and expansion into Europe and also stabilise what could only be described as a system that due to age had limitations of hardware.

We analysed our current infrastructure using Dell’s DPACK software which then highlighted the areas that we needed to improve and with the help of DSC (Data Systems Computers) we came up with the best design and hardware that was going to allow growth of Bartercard and expansion in to Europe and that would provide a full Barracuda Backup and Disaster Recovery solution to protect all of our data.

The Benefits

The new Dell hardware has enabled Bartercard to continue its growth and expansion plans for several years to come. The addition of a third server means that host upgrades can be done during normal working hours which allows greater stability of the virtual infrastructure and reduced downtime for business which relies on our clients to be able to use our services to conduct their business whenever they need to.

DSC Services

Working with DSC (Data Systems Computers) during the process of upgrading our hardware and backup solution has been a pleasure. Everyone involved knew what was needed to get our business back on track to enable growth. DSC kept us updated every step of the procurement process and made sure that the hardware and services were there when we needed them.

Our dedicated DSC technical consultant spent a lot of time onsite setting things up to ensure and enable a smooth migration of our servers and new hardware supplied by DSC. We were provided additional email support to improve the configuration of both server, hardware and the Barracuda backup appliance to make sure that in the event of our office becoming unusable we could continue to work by bringing our systems online in the cloud.

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