Balfour Beatty

This case study highlights our successful partnership with Balfour Beatty Corporate Services IT, where we tailored our services to their specific requirements. By developing customised solutions, providing exceptional support, and offering a comprehensive range of services, we ensured Balfour Beatty’s IT infrastructure aligned with their business goals. Our ability to understand and meet the individual needs of our clients sets us apart, making us a recommended choice for managed IT solutions.

Company: Balfour Beatty Corporate Services IT

The Challenge

We collaborated closely with Balfour Beatty Rail Corporate Services IT department to understand their unique business needs and customer requirements. They required a cost-effective, high-quality service model that aligned with their IT delivery objectives in a demanding and challenging environment.

The Solution

Taking a proactive approach, we developed a bespoke PC imaging service and a web-hosted procurement solution specifically designed to meet Balfour Beatty’s hardware service requests. These solutions were tailored to their individual needs and focused on delivering optimum performance and efficiency.

The Benefits

Our tailored services and solutions proved to be highly effective in meeting Balfour Beatty’s procurement demands. We provided a comprehensive range of services that covered the entire IT hardware lifecycle, offering flexibility to select services based on individual requirements. Our technical expertise and account management experience enabled us to deliver customised solutions that larger suppliers often struggle to match.

DSC Services

Data Systems has developed a high-quality, cost-effective service model that complements our IT objectives. Their proactive approach, bespoke solutions and comprehensive services make them highly recommended for meeting hardware and procurement needs.”

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