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Barracuda Networks has added support for cloud-to-cloud backup, beginning with protection of Microsoft Office 365. The vendor plans to add backup for other Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings along with Microsoft 365 in future releases.

The first version of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup replicates message-level backups for Microsoft Exchange Online and file-based OneDrive for Business storage directly to Barracuda Cloud Storage. Customers can restore data when necessary through the Barracuda Cloud Control interface, either to the original file within an application or to an alternate file folder.

Many organizations are recognizing the benefits of moving to Office 365 – network accessibility anywhere at any time, easy email access both inside and outside of your organization, as well as reducing operations and management overhead.  Office 365 makes email server management easier, but migrating your emails to the cloud raises some serious business challenges to ensure that your emails are secure retained and always accessible.


Accessing legacy email data.  The considerable volumes of historical email data most organizations have amassed aren’t easily accessed in Office 365.


  • Maintaining network connectivity.  The secure, reliable and fast connectivity required by online users can strain existing networks and reduce productivity.
  • Preventing online threats.  Built-in Exchange Online Protection is limited to a single layer of protection, and damaging email threats can still get through.
  • Achieving robust compliance and discovery.  Office 365’s compliance features are a first step in safeguarding emails, but it lacks granular retention policies capturing of emails in motion and the ability to quickly search large mailboxes.
  • On-Site and cloud backups.  No organization should trust a single source to store all of its emails, documents and other critical business data.  Cloud-hosted data is still subject to the risks of human-controlled and network-related data loss.  Data hosted in Office 365 needs to be protected by real-time backup to on-premises storage or other cloud data centres.
  • Barracuda offers security and storage solutions to meet each of these challenges quickly and at a low cost and simplicity.


 Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365