Libraesva is a next-generation security company, positioned among the most important brands in the world of computing security.

The Libraesva suite provides security, continuity and compliance offerings that include the Email Security Gateway, the Email Load Balancer and the Email Archiver.

Libraesva Email Security Gateway  is quarterly certified by the Virus Bulletin as one of the best security systems for email because provides complete protection against advanced threats and attacks, in order to prevents malware, ransomware, malicious URL’s and attachments, phishing & BEC ensuring that organisations can run uninterrupted.

Libraesva makes security simple

Choosing your next Email Security and Archiving vendor can be a tough choice, factoring in many different aspects from commercial, technical and operational requirements. Libraesva excels above and beyond what security vendors are offering, for lower cost, commercially and operationally. Libraesva combines award winning technical excellence with customer feedback, technical partnerships and enterprise grade feature sets to deliver a resounding solution, from discovery to deployment to world class aftercare support.

  • Libraesva’s core business and specialisation is in Email Security, Continuing to invest R&D resources into developing security offerings to supplement the Email Security Gateway and Email Archiver.
  • The Libra all inclusive model means there is only one “Libraesva Email Security Gateway” which has all security features included, this mindset exists for the Archiver as well, all compliance and management features in the Email Archiver are included into the subscription.
  • Our unique approach to detection and protection through our proprietary sandboxing features overcomes the limitation of traditional virtual machine sandbox approached. Allowing to determine true zero risk files.
  • We offer more flexibility when customising the platform with granular end-user management of quarantine settings for Email Security and Archiving retention policies for Email Archiving.

Unmatched Email Protection
Your active defense against phishing, 0-day malware, impersonation, spoofing and other types of cyber attacks!
  Next Generation Email Archiving
Protects business critical information, simplifies compliance, improves employee efficiency!
Email Workloads Balanced
It’s a straight forward Email Workloads balancing solution, that perfectly fits any mail server.