Automated phishing training and response:

Hoxhunt empowers your employees to shield your organization. We do this with an automated cyber training program that transforms the way your employees react and respond to the growing amount of phishing emails. We can reduce phishing simulation failure rates from 25% to as low as 2%, drastically reducing your risk

Social engineering attacks are increasingly targeting employees. Due to the lack of practical education, employees tend to be unaware of how to act when they encounter threats from social engineers. To decrease the security risk linked to employees, cybersecurity training is essential to mitigate the possibility of an incident.

Recent data shows that 90% of breaches can be linked to humans that were unaware of the risks of interacting with dangerous emails.

Traditional employee security training focuses on creating awareness using outdated techniques, such as e-learning video materials or quizzes to test knowledge. This approach does not work as it does not focus on continuous practice that could result in behaviour change. Without practicing with real-life examples, employees will not be able to identify threats.

Hoxhunt’s Security Engagement Platform enables a shift to a reward culture based upon positive behaviours, driving employee engagement and helps embed security culture into the DNA of your organisation

Our objectives:

• Decrease your human asset risk by delivering a spaced repetition learning program that makes your employees identify the attacks.
• Increase your active protection levels by reinforcing positive behaviour of reporting possible attacks
• Change your cyber security culture by creating engaging and lightweight training sessions with interactive content.
• Free your resources by automating everything in your awareness program

The results speak for themselves, with engagement reporting rates for phishing emails in excess of 70% and failure rates as low as 2%.